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I remain surprised by how often -- compared with other shows -- Peter or Neal will run off in a hurry to meet up, and yet in the 'engrossed in their work' scene that follows will be wearing something new. As an example, the following pictures are from about twenty minutes into the third episode, Book of Hours.

Neal and Peter meet Maria Fiametta:

Neal is wearing a white shirt with a short collar, a black vest and grey pants that combine to give the appearance of nice rounded hips, and a brownish tie. Peter is wearing a solid black suit, a light blue shirt with a button-down collar, and -- also -- a brownish tie.

On Neal: white shirt, cuffs end quite low over his hands.

Neal and Mozzie are puzzling over the wine bottle when Neal gets ordered back to Peter's place. I assume this is not the same day as when they met Maria, although it's tough to say:

Neal is wearing a black suit  and a purple shirt with vertical stripes. No tie, collar open at the neck.

Neal and Peter discuss Maria over lunch. Either they didn't get the chance after speaking with her, or new information has come up. I vote the former, because I don't think Peter needs to sleep on it to figure out when someone's lying to him, unless he's waiting for corroborating information. Here's what they're wearing:

Peter is wearing a white shirt with very pale checks and a button-down collar, top button undone, with a blue spotted tie and grey pants. Neal is wearing a light blue shirt, unbuttoned at the neck and sleeves rolled up his forearms, with grey pants.

That blue shirt is not even remotely similar to the purple striped one in the previous scene. Although Neal's sitting down for most of this, I'm fairly certain these are different grey pants from the ones he wore with Maria: these back pockets are straight, but the earlier ones were angled. He later goes out with Maria in yet another shirt (solid reddish purple). I'm going to assume the date takes place on the same day, as Peter hasn't changed clothes. Since Neal is on a date at a nice restaurant now, this change of clothes is fair enough.

The weird thing to me is the change out of the purple striped shirt. Did Peter urgently call Neal to come tomorrow? Did they skip over that meeting entirely, and this is one later in the week? Did someone spill coffee on him? Does Neal avoid visiting Peter wearing purple? If only I knew.

This has happened with Peter as well, but a far as I can tell, everyone else keeps their clothing straight.

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OMG that is fabulous.

It's like insanely obvious slashy subtext and gratuitous clothes porn in one detail. ajfadfkj. new favorite show ever.

(ps thanks for subscribing! I am flattered!)


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