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Yeah, that man is scary. Here it was more explicit than usual.

Remember Blink? Paraphrasing the Doctor: "I really need my blue box. You have to stay in this time and get a message to Sally Sparrow so I can get back to where I was." Rose loved him, Martha knew enough to get out, the Master died to get away from him ;), and he hasn't given a proper choice to anyone since. Time Lord Victorious: pretty much the dude Ten's been becoming all along.

One can hope Brooke's actions fixed him, but what I'm waiting for is Donna to start getting her memories back, which I imagine happens about four hours after the doctor leaves her with her family. You know, when she first catches a news update on television that references aliens. Then she can hook up with Lady Christina and reshape him. (Martha would help but, you know, Torchwood.)

This episode suffered from the same problem Torchwood's Children of Earth mini-series did and Batman often does: lessons don't stay learned. We've watched at least one episode that explicitly told us that the Doctor needs someone to, er, humanize him -- the Doctor didn't get that message straight out, but I hear a rumor that the man's supposed to be clever. Still, he keeps insisting that being around him is too dangerous and he must do this alone. This despite the fact that no one who's traveled with him appears to regret it, even if they left him of their own free will.

Whatever, Doctor.


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