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As a Renaissance man, Neal would shame Leonardo: he can charm anyone out of anything, can break into and out of at least some buildings without relying on charm, has enough technical aptitude to fake a swipe card with a tape recorder, knows enough about history & current events to appraise anything and freak out the Canadian government, and can forge valuables from masterpiece paintings to bonds to supposedly impossible jewels. All that, and he's under thirty-five. But they do market him as the best, and I like the impossibly competent. I'm just going to pretend that he dropped out of school and started studying all this in earnest when he was ten.

The thing I'm liking most about the characterization of Neal is that he can hold out for quite a while if he knows he's getting what he wants -- and he'll default to the assumption that he will swing it, somehow, even if it might seem to be going bad -- but when that assumption falls apart, his impulse control is very limited. He keeps needling Peter in this episode and only backing off when Peter confronts him, even when he's planning an escape. And sweeping the pieces off the chess board in anger is his second wall-punch move so far. They're doing a great job with the character.

I... actually buy their explanation for the Peter fake-out. But the best part is that it lets us have the end:

NEAL: I don't have it.
MOZZIE: What? You told everyone you had it.
NEAL: I never told anyone. Everyone assumed I took it and I never... corrected them.
MOZZIE: It did make you appear superhuman.
NEAL: Image is everything.

That exchange, and their glee at having the chance to find and plan the acquisition of the music box.

Also, Neal's initial bro suit: awesome, am I right?

Neal in a black suit, dark red tie with tie bar, and light blue shirt with vertical charcoal-colored widely spaced pencil stripes and narrow collar.
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