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As a Renaissance man, Neal would shame Leonardo: there's nothing he doesn't do well, except lose. )

Also, Neal's initial bro suit: awesome, am I right?

Neal in a black suit, dark red tie with tie bar, and light blue shirt with vertical charcoal-colored widely spaced pencil stripes and narrow collar.
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NCIS LA (ep 10), nice to know you're not letting the NCIS team down when it comes to dodgy police tactics! I mean the mailbox scam, not Kensi. Kensi can do no wrong. ;)

But what was wrong with the yellow tie? I thought it was much nicer than the red.
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Dear Australia: if you would please cool down for another three days or so, I promise I will not complain about you for the next month. Deal?
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I remain surprised by how often -- compared with other shows -- Peter or Neal will run off in a hurry to meet up, and yet in the 'engrossed in their work' scene that follows will be wearing something new. As an example, look at episode three. )

This has happened with Peter as well, but a far as I can tell, everyone else keeps their clothing straight.
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The fact that G. doesn't have a full given name, just a first letter, had tipped me off that NCIS:LA shuns moderation. However, I still hadn't quite accepted it. I thought that the manpain flowchart was exaggerating about his having had thirty-seven foster homes. After this, I'm going to assume that any claim that verges on ridiculous is probably an exaggeration from the source itself, not a fan-made exaggeration. It is a special show.
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Would a younger Penelope Garcia call herself 'Razor Mantis'?

I seem to remember her misstep was an "I wonder if I could..." and not about money, but it's always possible that what she did was exaggerated or reinterpreted after the fact. She was definitely more defensive as a younger woman; it's entirely possible that she would have chosen a handle referring to a predatory animal, and since she still would have wanted to seem unique, an insect is a better choice than something like 'wolf' or 'tiger'. She was probably always a bit femme, but I bet her femininity is more strongly expressed the more confident she is about herself, as a whole person and not just an awesome brain in a shell.

Completely unrelatedly, somehow I keep reading Kris/Adam as Kirk/Adama. I blame a mixture of unfamiliarly with Idol matters and a deep, previously unsuspected desire for unlikely space crossovers. Had (new) Kirk been in BSG instead of Star Trek, he wouldn't have fared nearly so well. Galactica tolerates a lot more self-destruction, and prefers personal epiphanies over kicks to the backside. That said, it'd be pretty awesome to watch.

And now, I will definitely not be thinking about replacing Kirk with Starbuck in the new Star Trek movie.
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